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How To Pokemon: A Guide

Guess what guys, apparently I’ve been drawing Fennekin WRONG all this time! :’D Apparently I CANNOT possibly draw a FENNEC FOX BASED FICTIONAL CREATURE as ANYTHING but a Fennec! WOWEE, Gosh wouldn’t THAT have been a disaster? To draw anything DIFFERENTLY from the status quo? Man! Think of all the attention I could have gotten by being EXACTLY like EVERYONE ELSE and by NOT STANDING OUT AT ALL.

Guys. People, I have been misguided by the ways of independent thought. I better go back and seep into the hivemind where my thoughts are one and the same as everyone elses. So that I can fix my arrogant ideas of uniqueness and self-discovery and become one with the masses to do things mundanely and NORMALLY. 

So yeah excuse me guys, I just need to go get my brain removed to get these thoughts fixed up straight away. Can’t have me going around blurting out new methods, ideologies, or morals after all!
It’s not like I’m an artist because I think differently from others after all. GET READY FOR A COMPLETE CHANGE IN HOW I DRAW ASTRA FOREVER YAY))

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